Re-Injured Athletes Highlight Importance of Treatment and Complete Recovery of Concussions

Concussions seem to be professional hockey’s #1 hot-button issue in recent months and weeks. Concussions and post-concussion syndrome (PCS) has become a serious concern with many star NHL players sidelined with concussions and concussion-like symptoms. Unfortunately, it took players like Crosby, Giroux, Skinner, Staal and Pronger (to name only a few) to be hit with PCS before people started realizing how serious this type of injury really is.

With this increased awareness, however, can come better care options and management of concussion. A treatment at MMTR Health Inc., an innovative clinic in Guelph, Ontario, is seeing increasing success in dealing with post-concussion symptoms using the MyoWorx® approach. In the past several months alone, they have successfully treated numerous athletes including Junior level hockey players, NCAA soccer players and a Pro BMX rider; all of which have returned to their respective sports, with no recurrence of symptoms.

MMTR Clinical Director and physiotherapist Jared Eidt comments, “What’s traditionally been difficult with PCS is predicting when a player will be able to return to play. However, if you’re able to properly treat the cause of PCS symptoms recovery becomes much more straight-forward and predictable.

“Based on our clinical research over the years using the MyoWorx® machine with PCS patients we have been able to delineate which muscles are causing which symptoms,” says Terry Moore, a Cardiovascular and Neuromuscular Physiologist. “This allows us to individualize each patient’s treatment, leading to a more rapid recovery and return to work related and sport specific activities.

While post-concussion patients aren’t immediately out for 5 km runs, says Eidt, the clinic’s innovative treatments allow them to begin with—and respond to—gentle and mild stretches a lot quicker than traditional treatments.

With this in mind, it is extremely important that the proper time and care is taken for a complete and full recovery, meaning absolutely no symptoms before, during or after all forms of exercise. This includes symptoms that may occur from hours to a full day after a workout or practice. If the proper time is not taken the next concussion will not only occur much more easily, but likely be more severe.”

Eidt comments, “It’s much like any other injury, if you sprained you’re ankle and didn’t receive proper treatment or take enough time off for it to heal, chances are you’re going to re-injure, or at the very least aggravate it, and likely have it turn into a chronic problem. Why would you want to take that chance with your brain – the most complex and important organ in your body?”


About MMTR Health Inc.

MMTR Health Inc. ( is a specialized clinic, which is redefining physiotherapy treatment through innovative technology and compassionate care. Clinic staff provides enhanced rehabilitation and performance outcomes using the unique and proprietary MyoWorx® treatment system.

A treatment at MMTR Health Inc., an innovative clinic in Guelph, Ontario, is seeing increasing success in dealing with post-concussion symptoms. The MyoWorx® treatment, with an average of 6.6 treatments in just over four weeks, has resulted in a 96.6 per cent recovery with no recurrence of symptoms unless another concussion has been incurred.

The multi-level approach is guided by MMTR Health Inc.’s health professionals: Registered Physiotherapists, a Cardiovascular and Neuromuscular Physiologist, a Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Kinesiologists and a Physiotherapy Assistant.

The patent-pending MyoWorx® TM20 device delivers a sequence of electrical frequencies in a timed manner to the paraspinal structures. Pre-clinical studies showed these frequencies can:

  • Re-establish normal resting membrane potentials in the cells of fatigued or injured muscles
  • Evoke central nervous system activity that facilitates muscle relaxation
  • Produce increases in blood flow via smooth muscle relaxation leading to restoration of oxygen and nutrient uptake
  • Aim at directly reducing the underlying muscle spasm and relieve the associated pathologies of both neurological and micro-vasculature structures for long-term sustainable results.

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